Phoenix battery

Cityups has always been leading and Authorized dealer of Phoenix battery. We deliver almost all variants of Phoenix battery.
Main models include Tubular, Special for ups and car model batteries.

Cityups is offering Phoenix batteries in Pakistan for Solar systems and UPS INVERTERS. Price in PAKISTAN of these batteries start from 2700 RS to 32000 Rs. The highly demand Phoenix TX 1800 Battery which is also using for solar systems in pakistan. We are selling multiple varieties of battery Liquid, DRY AND TUBULAR FOR solar inverters, cars and motorcycles. Check best deals on our Cityups website.

*Phoenix battery prices from 1st March,2021.

Phoenix TX-3000
(old TX-2500)

Phoenix-Battery tx-3000
Out of Stock Rs. 31,590

Phoenix TX-2500
(old TX-1800)

Phoenix-Battery tx-2500
Features & BUY Rs. 30,500

Phoenix TX-1800
(old TX-1600)

Phoenix-Battery tx-3000
Features & BUY Rs. 24,000

Phoenix UGS-245

Phoenix-Battery ugs-245
Features & BUY Rs. 21,000

Phoenix UGLT-200

Phoenix-Battery UGLT-200
Features & BUY Rs. 17,000

Phoenix UGS-190

Phoenix-Battery ugs-190
Features & BUY Rs. 16,000

Phoenix UGS-155 (Old UGS-140)

Phoenix-Battery ugs-155
Features & BUY Rs. 13,000

Phoenix UGS-135 (Old UGS-125)

Features & BUY Rs. 12,000

Phoenix UGS-90

Phoenix-Battery UGS-90
Features & BUY Rs. 8,000

Phoenix XP-230

Phoenix-Battery XP-230
Features & BUY Rs. 21,500

Phoenix XP-210+ (OLD XP-200+)

Phoenix-Battery XP-200
Features & BUY Rs. 16,500

Phoenix XP-200 (OLD XP-185)

Phoenix-Battery XP-185
Features & BUY Rs. 16,000

Phoenix XP-180

Phoenix-Battery XP-180
Features & BUY Rs. 15,500

Phoenix XP-150 (OLD XP-145)

Phoenix-Battery xp-150
Features & BUY Rs. 13,000

Phoenix XP-145 (OLD XP-135)

Phoenix-Battery xp-145
FEATURE & BUY RS. 12,200

Phoenix XP-110

Phoenix-Battery XP-110
Features & BUY Rs. 9,800

Phoenix XP-100

Phoenix-Battery XP-100
Features & BUY Rs. 7,700

Phoenix XP-95

Phoenix-Battery XP-95
Features & BUY Rs. 8,225

Phoenix XP-70

Phoenix-Battery XP-70
Features & BUY Rs. 6,400

Phoenix CNG-65

Phoenix-Battery CNG-65
Features & BUY Rs. 5,600

Phoenix CNG-55

Phoenix-Battery CNG-55
Features & BUY Rs. 4,800

Phoenix XP-50

Phoenix-Battery XP-50
Features & BUY Rs. 4,700

Phoenix RCK-45

Phoenix-Battery RCK-45
Features & BUY Rs. 3,500

Phoenix GSB-40

Phoenix-Battery GSB-40
Features & BUY Rs. 2,700